Richard & Emma


After almost two decades spent living and working all over the world, Richard Hoggard and Emma Robertson returned to New Zealand in 2013 and established Intrepid Home.

The luxury homewares business is operated out of their Hawke’s Bay home and features a collection of exotic goods sourced from people and places the couple has visited all over the globe.

Richard and Emma grew up and studied in New Zealand and moved to London in their 20s. After their time in the United Kingdom, they lived in Singapore (where their first child was born), Kenya (where their second child was born) and United Arab Emirates (where their third child was born). While based overseas, they travelled to more than 50 countries in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The products they now import are just some of the treasures they discovered on those travels and are ways for you to add some intrepid, exotic décor to your home or store offerings.

Intrepid Home is a keen supporter of the charity Africa Food For Thought based in South Africa, with 1per cent of annual turnover being donated to this organisation. Their main focus is to instigate feeding programmes in needy communities and are currently feeding up to 12,000 children. 

For more information or for enquiries, contact us.